Ah, regarding that last anon, it's your blog, so if you're gone for a few months and then come back, that's fine. We understand that you're a busy person, and that's alright. Only post on the blog when you feel like posting, not because you feel obligated to. :^)

thank you for understanding :) ! 

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please stop abandoning this blog for months then coming back randomly xC I love your posts!

im sorry :( im busy but i try

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if anyone wants to read some really good fanfiction that will make you cry i suggest you check out blazeandgrave’s youtube channel.. she has four volumes to her series(Zeldas lost diary, brawls hidden secrets (my fave in the series), links lost diary and her final unfinished chapter starts on her other channel lostzelda1 ..even the purest of hearts) omg the whole series is so good

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Admit it. Every single person who has played Brawl has had a crush on Marth. It’s a thing don’t worry.

so the chars that nintendo confirm are ones that are available by default, right? or do they also publicly confirm ones that you have to unlock (challenger approaching)?

i think some we have to unlock . like why would they give all the new awesome characters as a default xD. we all know the veterans will be default

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how did you spend your last ssbb online moments


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is your description legit? do u really follow everyone back

yup. recent list of followers.. i cant show you every page :p

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u girl xD?

u boy ? xD jk yes i am

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